When Coping Is Too Much

Life has been painful, of late.   Circumstances have brought a profound awareness of my limitations.  The ongoing serious illness of someone I love.  The approaching first anniversary of my father’s death; the fact that I was too ill to visit the intensive care unit where he spent the final month of his life.   … More When Coping Is Too Much

New Year Reflections

New Year is a strange time.  For most of my life, since becoming ill as a child, I have been unable to equate it with celebration.  For many years the arrival of January was reason to mourn another year destroyed by illness.  Nowadays I tread a calmer path, but a wary one nonetheless.  What might … More New Year Reflections

Beneath the Surface, Part 3

The third and final part of a series analysing the British Association of CFS/ME (BACME) guidelines on severe ME.  I have chosen to write extensively on this subject, as the guidelines encompass several themes that are important to me. The BACME guidelines support the biopsychosocial (BPS) model of ME, which holds that deconditioning and the … More Beneath the Surface, Part 3