Hidden but Still Here

P1220753When living with severe ME, making plans can amount to an act of defiance.  No matter how carefully laid those plans, no matter how great the determination behind them, there is always the knowledge that they can unravel at any moment, through no fault of your own. 

When I began my blog last November, my plan was to write here regularly.  My relatively stable health at that point made it a reasonable expectation.  The intervening months, however, have not been kind.  The winter brought a chain of debilitating viruses, followed by the serious illness and death of a close relative.  Not surprisingly, the impact has been considerable.  Until now, even a brief update like this has been beyond my physical and cognitive abilities.  

There are several topics I wish to write on when well enough.  Some months ago, before life took its downward turn, I wrote an analysis of the BACME guidelines.  I will be sharing this in time.  When strong enough, I also hope to cover the subject of bereavement in the context of severe ME.  There is a unique agony to losing a loved one when too ill to visit them in their final illness, or to attend the funeral.  Grief is exceptionally hard to bear when one is forced to lie in darkness and silence, with nothing but overwhelming emotions for company.  

Despite my enforced lack of activity here, A Life Hidden has been very successful in its first five months, with a huge number of visitors to the site.  Thank you to everyone who has supported it in some way.  I hope to be back properly before too long.