Remembering, With Love

Updating the In Memoriam page is undoubtedly the hardest part of running this website. At the beginning of the year I lost two friends – Kara and Anna – and it has taken a couple of months for me to feel able to do justice to their memory here.  Even writing this post I find … More Remembering, With Love

In Memory of My Friends

Tomorrow it will be ten years since the death of my close friend, Emily Collingridge.  Can it really be so long?  Attaching time to loss often feels strange: it implies distance from an event that, in reality, is always present.  Years may have passed, but it is always ‘today’ that a loved one is missing.  … More In Memory of My Friends

Emily, My Inspiration

Seven years ago today, my first article in The Daily Telegraph was published. It told of the suffering and death of my dear friend Emily Collingridge. Emily had been passionate about raising awareness of ME, and I couldn’t bear the thought of her death passing unnoticed by the wider world. I wrote a piece about … More Emily, My Inspiration