Remembering, With Love

Updating the In Memoriam page is undoubtedly the hardest part of running this website. At the beginning of the year I lost two friends – Kara and Anna – and it has taken a couple of months for me to feel able to do justice to their memory here. 

Even writing this post I find myself struggling for words in a way that is unusual for me. I want to say something that encapsulates all the emotions that loss like this brings – and yet words seem inadequate. 

And so, for today, I simply direct you to my memories of two special young women. One was a close friend; the other less well known to me. Both touched my life and will never be forgotten.  

You can read more about Kara and Anna here. I hope that my tributes stand as a celebration of their lives, while also bearing witness to the fact that they died. 

Image credit: Simon Wilkes on Unsplash

Image description: Warm sunlight shining through woodland trees