This Is Love: An Update

Sunset over the sea

A week ago today, I shared a special post on my friend, Kara.

When I hit publish, I hoped that one or two people might come forward to help.  It seemed a big ask, but I wanted to believe that something might be possible.  

It’s fair to say that neither Kara nor I could have imagined the week that lay ahead.  Within hours of the post being published, several people had offered their assistance.  Over the following days, more messages came in.  Then at the weekend BBC News covered the story on their website and, in Kara’s words, “my internet went crazy.”  

Kara has been inundated with offers from professional and non-professional sound engineers and musicians, many offering their services entirely free of charge.  There have been some truly incredible developments that I will write about in time.  But for now I can say that it most definitely looks like Kara’s album will be completed. 

Kara’s story on the BBC News website

“For the first time, I really feel we can get this done and that (hopefully) I will actually be here to see it,” says Kara.  “I never thought that would happen and it means the world.” 

She continues: “I’m in awe at how kind and generous people have been.  It’s been incredibly humbling.  And to hear great feedback on my songs from industry professionals means a great deal indeed.”

Thank you to every single person who has contacted Kara or me.  Each offer of help has meant more than can be said.  And thank you to everyone who helped spread the word on social media.       

As Kara wrote to me this morning: 

“I feel like it’s a dream.  Astounded and speechless are the only words.”  

This Is Love: An Appeal to Musicians tells Kara’s story in more detail.

Image: Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash